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zkSVM Documentation

Greetings! We will provide you with an overview of zkSVM, including its components and functionality, to help you understand it better. If you are unfamiliar with blockchains, don't fret; we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Welcome to the zkSVM documentation.

zkSVM is a decentralized Layer 2 scalability solution that uses cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs to offer validity and quick finality to off-chain transaction computation, also known as a ZK-Rollup.
The ZK-Rollup executes smart contracts transparently, by publishing zero-knowledge validity proofs, while maintaining opcode compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This documentation presents detailed guides on:
  • zkSVM and its Architecture
  • Our design approach to State Machines
  • Running a local zkNode
  • Participating in the zkSVM Testnet and building on the Mainnet.
Last modified 2mo ago